Little Cowboy On the Way!

Published May 24, 2014 in Ventura County Maternity Photographer

This is the first expecting couple so far that I’ve photographed who chose to wait until the big day to learn the gender of their baby. I admire their patience! Since I did this shoot, the couple has welcomed a healthy baby boy. Congrats to the beautiful little family! blog-2blog-1blog-3blog-6blog-4blog-5PS



  1. Love is in the air. Going to a friend’s wedding tomorrow. I just adore weddings <3
  2. Not doing a “365” project, per say, but made a vow to myself to pick up my camera at least once a day. iPhones and the like make it so easy NOT to pick up my DSLR, and just capture the everyday moments on my cell. But, doing that is depriving me of opportunities for growth. So, I will try, if not once a day, then several times a week, to pick up my camera at home (obviously I’m not referring to client shoots, haha) and capture those ‘everyday’ moments in an artistic way.
  3. The plumeria that we started here from a cutting of the tree at our old house appears to have buds on it. I hesitate to even say this because I so badly want it to bloom, and don’t want to jinx it in any way, haha. I go in the backyard everyday to check on it. If it blooms any time, uh, ever, I will be out there with my macro reverse ring adaptor (because that is the closest thing I own to an actual macro lens) taking pics of it (and smelling its heavenly scent)!
  4. Trader Joe’s chickenless “chicken” salad. So delicious. The mustard seed really makes it. Yum.
  5. “The Bachelorette” is back. Total guilty pleasure. Luckily I have a little group of friends who indulge also and we swap texts about the drama every week :)

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