Sisters at Sunset

Published May 5, 2015 in Los Angeles County Child Photographer, Los Angeles County Family Photographer, South Bay Child Photographer, South Bay Family Photographer, Ventura County Child Photographer, Ventura County Family Photographer

Lately I’ve been loving the hazy, backlit look. A few weeks ago we took our girls out to a regional park and hiking spot for a little golden hour fun. And I can honestly say that we all actually had fun (not always the case when I photograph my own kids!). The girls frolicked in grassy fields, ran up and down hilly hiking trails, admired passing dogs and greeted their owners. It was a beautiful evening and I love the images. These two are my reasons for everything! I hope you enjoy! <3Wildwood-Blog2Wildwood-Blog7Wildwood-Blog11Wildwood-Blog1Wildwood-Blog10Wildwood-Blog5Wildwood-Blog3Wildwood-Blog14Wildwood-Blog4Wildwood-Blog9Wildwood-Blog12Wildwood-Blog6Wildwood-Blog8Wildwood-Blog13PS


  1. We took the girls to Build A Bear last week. It was Shiloh’s first time. Both girls had a blast!
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Adeline is so into them! I never would’ve guessed that I’d have to go through two rounds of obsession with the heroes in a half-shell (the first being my brother’s in the early ’90’s!).
  3. Adeline has also been into taking pictures lately, which excites me to no end. She often asks if she can borrow my phone to snap a pic of something. I love it (except when she asks to take pics of me first thing in the morning)!
  4. Two favorite easy snacks lately: Trader Joe’s ready-to-eat lentils (refrigerated section) mixed with their bruschetta sauce (also refrigerated section) and crumbled feta served with pita chips; OR the lentils mixed with their Goddess dressing, also served with pita chips- equally delicious!
  5. My essential oil of choice this week: DoTerra’s DigestZen, as I’ve had two girls with a nasty stomach bug :( Here’s hoping Adeline (she’s the latest victim) is on the mend!

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  1. Hello, these are beautiful pictures, just great!
    Which lens do you used here?

    Nice greetings from Germany!

    November 28, 2015
    • Thank you so much! I used my 135 mm 2.0 lens here- it’s one of my faves! <3

      Sweet Adeline Photography
      November 28, 2015

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