Sweet Trio

Published January 12, 2015 in Los Angeles County Child Photographer, Los Angeles County Family Photographer, South Bay Child Photographer, South Bay Family Photographer, Ventura County Child Photographer, Ventura County Family Photographer

I got to hang out with this cute little lady and her parents a few weeks ago. Isn’t she a doll? She was mostly serious with those soulful brown eyes, but her Mommy and Daddy sure got a few precious giggles out of her! What a beautiful family!IMG_8358IMG_8362IMG_8381IMG_8431Untitled-1IMG_8471IMG_8488IMG_8543IMG_8598IMG_8613PS


  1. Goldieblox. This is my four-year-old’s favorite activity and they are so cool! We have the original set (Goldieblox & the Spinning Machine) and just got the Builder’s Survival Kit which we also love! I think we might have a future engineer on our hands.
  2. Date night coming up to celebrate hubby’s birthday. Can’t wait!
  3. The Bachelor is back! I know, I know. #guiltypleasure
  4. Just celebrated 2 years of being Camarillo residents! We love it here. Our home and the city have proven to be a perfect fit for our family.
  5. Speaking of anniversaries, I also celebrated 6 years of being vegetarian on New Year’s Day! I’m never looking back! We’re raising our girls veggie too and I’m so happy with our choice.

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